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A Message from the Future: Radiusphere Crypto Art NFT MEMO 109/109

Please do not be alarmed.

The date is June 3rd, 2042.

I am the creator of Radiusphere–the architect–messaging you from twenty years in the future.

My warm and enthusiastic gratitude goes out to each of the original 109 collectors who had the foresight to secure a Radiusphere Fine Art NFT.

You are courageous.

Your belief guided you towards acquiring something of immense beauty, something impossibly rare.

Purchasing a Radiusphere was a life altering decision–and all who collided with untethered possibility were forever changed.


PS., Always remember, and promote, our noble mission–to create beauty and minimize suffering…

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 20:09 GMT

Radiusphere Fine Art NFT 001/109


Sometimes we get derailed

Life: the human manufactured paradox

It’s true for me, as much as it is for you. We, in imperfect action, weave our way through the maze of human-created obstacles known as life. And, in transit, we realize both wild victory and crushing defeat. One moment we soar with the Angels—in joy and learning—growth and personal triumph. The next, we derail ourselves, sometimes dramatically, tripped up by inadequacy, by lack of belief, by fear—ultimately, by our own real and, at times, paralyzing mental-frailty.

It is your fault—and mine too

It is by choice that we allow setback to happen—always by choice. Before you, in defensive self-preservation, push back against my admonition, let me say—your missteps, and mine, are not necessarily born from negligence. But they are, invariably of our own doing. Complete personal responsibility for triumph and defeat via our action, or lack-there-of, is the only true path to freedom.

My confession

I set out to craft 109 Radiusphere Fine Art Countdown Memoranda. My intention was to create one post for each of the 109 days leading up to the launch of Radiusphere Fine Art NFT number 001 on June 3rd, 2022 via OpenSeaNFT auction. For the first 30 or 40 days, I succeeded in my mission to passionately and consistently highlight the creative origins of this project—the driving forces persuading me to create.

However, as we’ve moved closer to the launch date, the amount of digital collateral I’ve chosen to create as a means of promoting Radiusphere to the world as increased significantly.

The Reminder

I share this with you as a reminder to you—but more importantly (no offense) as a reminder to myself. I must resist, with everything inside, the temptation towards victimization—you must too.

Creativity, vision, design, emotional-mastery—all of these are rooted in personal power. The surest way to diminish our power is to choose the role of victim—this choice is the most powerful and elegantly destructive form of all Kryptonite. It sucks vitality from our soul and leaves us attempting creative pursuit with none of the magic that makes miracles.

So, in imperfection, I will continue—knowing well how great it feels to soar, and believing that I’m never disqualified from heavenly escapades—neither are you.

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

PS., As of today we are 45 days from the release of Radiusphere Fine Art NFT number 001. To those of you who’ve supported this journey—thank you, sincerely. Thank you for sharing this project with others.

PPS., This is only the beginning. Always, pay close attention…

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

RadiusphereNFT 001/109

Opensea NFT New Fine Art Marketplace

Radiusphere Art NFT Memo 060/109: The State of Possibility

The state of possibility

There is a place inside us all—a domain.  In this sanctuary, where brilliance is our default language and infinite creation is the effortless fruit of our labor, we discover our truest self.

This place—the state of possibility—calls us all, but so few respond to it’s beckoning. For those who do though, they unlock keys to creating unimaginably beautiful futures.

And for those who choose to remain in their state of possibility, the opportunistic thoughts they are bombarded with will feel otherworldly and pull them towards beauty they’ve never known.

So, go there—often.

Your palace of potential

Then, once there, guard your palace of possibility.

Hold tight to the resourcefulness pumping through your veins. 

This ambrosia is the nectar of untethered creativity, unbridled potential, world-changing imaginativeness. 

Get there. Stay there. Create from this place—often.

Hoping for you—to find your way,

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

PS., We are 50 days away from the official listing of Radiusphere 001 for OpenSea NFT auction.
Sharing this project with others, will bless them as it blesses you. As will be proven, over time, the words I’ve crafted throughout this journey will become as significant as the 109 unique pieces of Digital Fine Art I’m offering to the world.

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

RadiusphereNFT 001/109

Opensea NFT New Fine Art Marketplace

Massive Bold Action: Radiusphere Crypto Art NFT MEMO 059/109

Massive Bold Action — the Radiusphere MBA

Schools in session, and we’re walking headlong back into hallowed halls. Those sacred spaces in our mind where our unconscious behavioral operating system lives and functions. Do you see it—the chamber? There, in the very fabric of who you are lies the vault of causality—the source of results past, present and future—everything you have, everything you are, and, should you stay on the present course, everything you’ll ever become.


Nothing changes if you do not feel the need for change. So, if you look back, and if you look at today, thinking, “everything that was, and is, is exactly how it should be”. Than you, my friend, are… Well, you are where you are, for however long you will be.

However, if in retrospect, while focussing your awareness on the totality of your fruitfulness, or lack of fruitfulness, you begin to see where things should be better—than you are even more blessed. Exceedingly blessed because you have taken the first step towards becoming who you are meant to be.


In that space, the place where you’ve begun to feel that there must be so much more—and that the more you desire, could be yours for the taking. You must, stop and see it. Create pictures of your future that blind you with their brilliance. Feel the warm glow of their promise and allow the joy they radiate to move you towards… Towards what, “you ask”?

Action: Continuous, massive and bold—action

All of this is accelerated when you choose to take Massive Bold Action—the Radiusphere MBA. When you breathe life into your dreams by not only seeing and feeling them, but harnessing their infinite power to propel you towards the boldest of resourceful activity.

This is when you rewrite the future.

This is when you become who you are to become.

This is pure magic.

Act. Learn. Repeat.

There is no perfect action. Only learning, amending and re-acting with massive boldness in a continuous and virtuous loop of progressing.

So, what do you see when you look deep into your vault of causality?

This is not a rhetorical question…

With love and admiration,

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

PS., Radiusphere is built on the antithetical belief that the more you reject every attempt to satisfy the expectation of others, the more RADIANT your creativity becomes. This liberation experiment sets out to prove that it is, indeed, possible—Yes! It is possible to strip away every self imposed limitation—every conscious and unconscious encumbrance.

PPS., It is possible to soar with the angels.


Official Links:




OpenSea (Fine Art NFTs: Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT #001/#109)

OpenSea (Founders Club Free NFT Giveaway)



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Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

RadiusphereNFT 001/109

Opensea NFT New Fine Art Marketplace

Radiusphere Crypto Art NFT MEMO 056/109: Missing Out

The meaninglessness of time

I’ve not mentioned dates, nor time, much, other than to point everything towards Friday June 3rd, 2022 at 21:09 (GMT) when Radiusphere Fine Art NFT number 001 is released to the world.

Savvy Radiusphere NFT loyalists might look back towards my early countdown memoranda and recall when I mentioned Russia invading Ukraine, or other identifiable historical events as they unfolded. But, for the most part, my admonitions have not included dates.


As I write this it is Sunday, April 10th, 2022.

I highlight this date as a waypoint. It brings context to everything. As it stands I have 17 followers on Instagram, one follower on YouTube and four followers on Twitter.

By the worlds standards my audience is abysmal. And, also by the worlds standards, my influence is next to nothing.

And yet I smile—I know what is to come.

Quiet desperation

You too, might find yourself in a similar situation. Except, you are not smiling. You yearn for influence, you might even, in quiet desperation, bend your mission towards gaining “traction”—squelching your creative impulse in hopes of mass-market acceptance. In doing so, you amend your mission to manipulate the levers of success—or at least what the world tells you are the levers of success.

Lack begets lack

As long as your future is built on a foundation of lack, lack is all you will ever know…

Your scarcity, your empty yearning, can only stem from one thing—you simply do not see what will be. And, in your blinded state, you’re lulled to sleep at night in disbelief. You wake to doubt, which quickly grows to fear. Once fear takes hold… Well, you know, because this is where you live—complacency, mediocrity, inaction, victimhood. Fear manifests itself in all these and robs you from all that you are, and, robs the world of your brilliance.

Vision for what must be is the only remedy

If you do not see, you will not believe. And if you do not believe, you will not feel—nor will you act in harmony with your brilliance. You will wake each day with the paralyzing feeling that it is you who are missing out on what everyone else has to offer—the “likes” and followers—the subscribers and sales—the accolades and promotion.

True and lasting liberation

I wake and see.

I know that it is not me who is missing out on followers, “likes”, subscribers, nor their accompanied sales. It is them… Those followers are missing out on me—on Radiusphere, on astronomical latent potential, on world-changing possibilities.

This is not semantics—this is belief.

This is knowing your purpose—believing in your mission.

This is seeing where everything comes from and seeing where everything is going. This is me, in infinite creativity, pointing everyone towards beautiful horizons.

This is you too, doing the same.

Reframe everything

Today when you look at your followers, however many have lent their support to your creation—don’t wallow. Stand tall knowing, seeing, believing, feeling and acting. Millions, if not billions are missing out on you, and me—not the other way around.

Yes, I do see the future playing out in my mind

Not long from now—the world will look back on this post with amazement. Some will call it prophetic. I won’t. I will simply refer to it as unwavering, unrelenting, unshakable—as, belief. 

I see what will be.

I act with conviction to bring into reality what once only lived in my mind. This is creation at play. This is why I am here, and, you as well.

Act in harmony with your brilliance

Next time you fear or doubt, take a stand. Reframe what is true. You are not missing out on them—they are missing out on you.

What a different path each stroke of the brush would take, or what different authority each word that dripped from your mouth would have, if you knew this to be true, as I do.

Become this human—and never stop becoming more.

With love and admiration,

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

PS., Radiusphere is so much bigger than art. What is coming is liberation. And, what is coming, will change everything…

PPS., Always. Pay close attention…

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

RadiusphereNFT 001/109

Opensea NFT New Fine Art Marketplace

Radiusphere Fine Art NFT Memo 055/109: If You Dare

The Gateway

Your creativity is the gateway to unimaginable places—to possibilities too brilliant to comprehend. Most, however, don’t trust themselves—their vision for what is—in their mind.

If you dare close your eyes and see, though.

All of it is yours for the taking, if you dare, believe.

All of it is yours for the enjoying, should you grow your believing. Focus your seeing into—feeling. Touch the overwhelming positive emotion of what you see—how it, in the sanctuary of your mind, becomes all encompassing.

Let your emotion move you towards trust, and your trust towards heroic, bold, unconstrained action.

All of This is Yours

All of this—is yours.

And, should you choose. 

Share it.

Then it becomes so much more. 

You’ve received the gift and then you give the gift. You pass along a part of you to others—to me. And when, in inspiration from you, I breathe life into my minds infinite horizons, then too, I gift a part of me back to you, and forward to millions…

This is magical. 

This is intention.

This is creation.

This is life.

The Call

So, as always, I implore you.

Create. Dream. See. Believe. Feel. Act. Do. Become.


Take my mission as your own—join the legion of liberators who, with everything inside them, live for each opportunity to create beauty. But, don’t stop there. Use your awe-inspiring gifts to bless others—to remind them of the magical conduit they are. And, in doing so, we all, together, will reduce the suffering that plagues humanity across the earth.

This is a noble and enchanting mission—to create beauty and minimize suffering. These simple, yet world-changing admonishments are the foundations of Radiusphere. Every word, every image, every work of art, every intentional leveraging of technology, harnesses their power and focuses this project towards the transformation it was set in motion to bring about.

Thank you—most sincerely, for partnering with me,

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

PS., Our community is growing—and this blesses me.  Please help me fulfill my mission—join our social channels and share Radiusphere’s mission and my Crypto Art NFTs with like-minded creators and investors—dreamers and collectors. Shout it from the rooftops—we are here, we are alive and we are creators.

PPS., Always. Pay close attention…

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

RadiusphereNFT 001/109

Opensea NFT New Fine Art Marketplace

Radiusphere NFT Memo 052/109: At This Moment

At this moment.

At this moment I’m believing.

At this moment I’m seeing.

At this moment I’m trusting that what I believe and see—will be.

At this moment.

At this moment I’m choosing.

At this moment I’m focused—on the prize.

At this moment I’m harnessing the best of what I am to move me towards becoming the best I could ever be.

At this moment.

At this moment I’m looking for a break-through,

At this moment I’m looking to move into an unknown, but somehow familiar, realm of possibility. Already. Mine.

At this moment.

At this moment I’m smiling thinking about what will be.

At this moment I’m overwhelmed with the emotion of future delight.

At this moment I’m humbled knowing that my peaceful choice has brought about something which the grittiest of effort and striving and struggle could not.

At this moment I am enjoying the pursuit of all that’s possible.

It is a good pursuit.

And, I am deeply honored that it calls me towards it.

At this moment.

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

PS., On Friday, June 3rd, 2022 at 21:09 GMT, I will release Radiusphere NFT 001 via Opensea NFT auction. Each day, leading up to the OpenSea release, I will be offering my perspective to the world at Radiusphere.com.

Please consider sharing this project with others. As will be proven, over time, the words I’ve crafted throughout this journey will become as significant as the 109 unique pieces of Digital Fine Art I’m offering to the world.

PPS., Always. Pay close attention…

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

Radiusphere Fine Art NFT | 001/109

Opensea NFT New Fine Art Marketplace

Radiusphere NFT Memo 051/109: Introducing ‘The Architect’

Creating the Radiusphere Fine Art NFT collection

The beauty of all of this is that we get to be who we are—who we truly are. Creating the Radiusphere Fine Art NFT collection has given me a glimpse into myself that I had not yet encountered, and don’t know that I would have, ever, were it not for my compulsion to breathe life into these works of abstract digital art.

This—the becoming—is a beautiful thing. More often than not, it is in the pursuit of our potential that we unlock magical possibilities. I am no different than you. I doubt. I fear. I fail. I am human, and to be such involves the aforementioned pulls towards sabotage. 

The prescription to my plight, and yours too…

However, in my becoming, I see these as the answers I’ve always longed for. When doubt enters, I respond with perfect curiosity. When fear invades, I choose belief in what will be—I fill every part of my soul with positive emotion emanating from a vision for the already realized dream. This is alchemy in its most powerful form. 

Setbacks befall us all

And when I fail, as we all do. I reject self criticism, judgement and loathing. In its place I insert compassion and forbearance. I refocus on the prize and I shatter the illusionary boundaries chaining me to inconsequence. 

This is the process by which Radiusphere has come into being. Every day, with method and unwavering faith, I create. I write, I design, I build, I promote. Knowing—feeling—seeing—that the end of my pursuit is success beyond wildest comprehension. As if my vision and intention is the law of the universe.


This is the heart of Radiusphere. Thusly, it only seemed fitting to cloak Radiusphere—The Architect—in something which gives substance, which endears.  The visual imagery I’ve chosen to lend to Radiusphere is that of the unconditionally loving, loyal and gentle Golden Retriever. This soul is gentle yes, but mighty too… Radiusphere is empowered by the brilliance and universe-bending powers of the Grand Wizards of old. A perfect combination. Wouldn’t you agree?

NFT Crypto Art by Fine Art NFT Creator Radiusphere
The Architect (Radiusphere)

This is The Architect of Radiusphere. This is me, at my best. Power, balanced with service and love. Hope emboldened with knowledge of what is, and what will be.

Everything has meaning—it is the meaning we give it. We are masters of destiny or slaves to regret.

Radiusphere and the 109 Fine Art NFTs I’ve created are my destiny—they are the destiny for many others too. Join in our triumph.

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

PS. I am growing a community of loyalist on Discord. While in the earliest stages, this NFT Community will become the finest Fine Art Discord Server in the World—with your help and passion.

PPS. Always. Pay close attention

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

Radiusphere Fine Art NFT | 001/109

Opensea NFT New Fine Art Marketplace

Radiusphere NFT Memo 049/109: Welcome to Liberation

Liberation is coming

It is possible, when we choose it.

To see.

To be.

To have.

It all…

It IS already

Everything we’ve always hoped is already here. We simply must see it, feel it, and act upon it. 

On Friday, June 3rd, 2022 my liberation experiment will transition from theoretical to immutable—from imagined to realized.

For those of you just now discovering Radiusphere—welcome. I invite you to go back in time—to make your way back to the beginning. Read the words I’ve crafted starting with Countdown Memoranda 001 of 109. Open your heart and mind to the purpose of this project. Acquaint yourself with the possibility, with the mission—my noble pursuit.

“I believe the highest aim of humanity should be to create beauty and minimize suffering.”


How, you ask? 

Vision, powered by emotion, rooted in belief, activated by right action.

Choose this path—it is preordained.

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

PS., Get engaged—grow with me into the highest and best version you can become. Join the conversation, promote the possibilities—become.

PPS., Connect with Radiusphere via the official social channels below:

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

Radiusphere Fine Art NFT | 001/109

Opensea NFT New Fine Art Marketplace

Creating NFT Art: Fine Art Creators make Non Fungible Tokens

Creating NFT Art

Yes, fine art creators should be creating NFT art — we should be leading the effort to make non fungible tokens and NFTs. This technology is ripe with promise and unlimited potential for artists, if we choose to embrace it—rather than resist it.

Objections to NFTs

Energy and efficiency advancements in blockchain technology, as a whole, are necessary for longevity and mass-adoption. Assuming that this is solved—which is not a stretch—consider Moore’s Law, graphene batteries, Wave energy, etc… I am confident in humanity’s ingenuity and the aligned economic and environmental incentives driving true clean-energy creation, implementation, adoption and sustenance.

Time will tell.

If the environmental impact concerns were moot, what other grounds would there be to resist creating NFT Art?

Ignorance—but why?

Not knowing how to make non fungible tokens, or for that matter, what NFTs are in the first place is valid. This is easily overcome with knowledge and choice.

In fact, if you’ve stumbled your way to my site with limited understanding of the technology and are asking yourself exploratory questions like: What does NFT stand for, or what is NFT art? I encourage you to dive into my previous post: Radiusphere NFT Memo 028/109: Non Fungible Token Fundamentals. There you will get a cursory overview of the technology which will serve as a launchpad pulling you towards the immense possibility of it all…

Innovate or Die—Creating Analog Art

Deprecation comes to those who will not see.

Kodak, once one of the worlds largest and most profitable companies, refused to innovate before it was too late. The list is long for others who followed suit—Blockbuster, MySpace, Borders Books, BlackBerry, Kmart…  Each of the aforementioned behemoths was at the top of the food chain, until… Well, until they were not. Case study upon case study points to the myriad of errors in judgment which led to their downfall. Most insights can be summed up with a few key words.

Hubris—they thought they had the corner on knowledge.

Superiority—they thought the value they created was sufficient. It was not. They believed they owned their customers loyalty. They did not.

Tunnel Vision—they simply could not see the enormity of the opportunity that they were in a perfect position to capitalize upon. 

Fine Art Creators are much like the organizations I outlined previously. With hubris we assume that the force of our creativity and genius acts as an invisibility cloak—shielding us from the possibility of inconsequence and absolves us from responsibility to innovate. This is exasperated by our egos which, in superiority–or insecurity, you choose—guide us with surety, often, towards extinction. 

What is stopping you from Creating NFT Art?

For fine art creators that choose to begin creating NFT Art, there is only up-side. Not only have you positioned yourself and your brand to benefit from global innovation, you’ve also added transferable skills to your already impressive list of accomplishments.

Constraint Demands Growth

If those were not enough, these last two reasons to make non fungible tokens will hopefully pique your curiosity.

Reignite Your Passion

This is an entirely new Medium. Harken back to the moment you first believed in the possibility of your creative expression. It was explosive. It was new. It was raw. This, the creating of NFT Art is the same. You can reignite your passion for your craft through the constraint of this new platform–which demands you grow–which, along with creating beauty and minimizing suffering, is my highest aim.

Exposure to Contagious Loyalist by Creating NFT Art

While a great discussion could be had about ones responsibility to create, even when our creativity receives no noticeable appreciation from the marketplace, how much better is it when our efforts are received, revered and rewarded? It is wonderful.

Creating NFT Art opens your brilliance up to a whole new world of collectors. And yes, at times the speculative nature of their motives can be at odds with our need to create, but, if we’re honest, this happens in the galleries of main street and in the halls of auction houses around the world too.

The Paradox of it All

Therein lies the paradoxical tension of creation. For so many, we are at the whims of trend and critic and price and societal palatability. This is our lot-in-life—it is our dance—with the devil.

For me, this is a dance I fervently look forward to.

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

PS. No matter who you are, what you create or what your level of understanding is—if you choose, if you learn, if you grow—this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is yours for the taking.

PPS. Always, pay close attention

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

Radiusphere NFT | 001/109

Opensea NFT New Fine Art Marketplace