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Free NFT Giveaway & Free NFTs by Radiusphere Crypto Art NFT

Free NFTs are the key to everything

Reciprocity—the exchanging of something valuable for mutual benefit

Make note of the key words in that sentence… 

  • Exchange
  • Something of value
  • Mutually beneficial

You have something I want

I want to expose as many people as possible to my message—my vision—the beautiful possibilities I see…
Radiusphere exists to create beauty and minimize suffering. I will move heaven and earth to fulfill my mission while encouraging as many humans as possible to join me. 

This is an elegant and noble pursuit.

I have something you want

I have opportunity.

I have possibility. 

I have Radiusphere—109 Fine Art NFTs—this intrinsic artistic value and latent economic potential. And while you may, or may not, want monetary abundance—or at least the possibility of it. I may, or may not, have the ability to create monetary abundance for you beyond your wildest dreams.

Time will tell.

I assure you, though...

There is a path forward for each of us wherein we, in a beautifully mutually beneficial way, increase the odds of both parties getting everything they could ever want.

Any and all Radiusphere NFT Community Growth is to our mutual benefit.

As Radiusphere attracts contagious loyalists, the latent potential is activated. This activation is the key to unlocking unimaginable possibilities.

Perfect alignment of mutually beneficial outcomes

I am offering you potential.

In exchange, you are partnering with me to expose Radiusphere to any who might find this mission and its latent potential intriguing.

This is where our desires align.

To facilitate this exchange, I’ve created a sub category of Radiusphere NFTs called, “Founders Club”.

There are a number of distinctions between the two Radiusphere collections (Radiusphere “Fine Art” NFTs, Radiusphere “Founders Club” NFTs). As previously highlighted, there will only ever be 109 Radiusphere Fine Art NFTs.

This remains true—this will always be. 

Radiusphere Crypto Art NFTs will only be offered in accordance with previously disclosed guidelines found in both the FAQs as well as numerous Countdown Memoranda (e.g., Pricing—003/109, Sales—020/109, OpenSea—027/109).  

The Radiusphere Fine Art NFTs will be offered on OpenSea’s NFT marketplace at OpenSeas.io/Radiuspher. This release will take begin on Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT, and will continue until each of the 109 NFTs are sold out. 

See our FAQs for more pricing details.

Founders Club Free NFT Giveaway

Concurrently, I’ve created 109 Radiusphere “Founders Club” NFTs.

These Free NFTs are tokens born from my quest to breathe life into the collection of Fine Art NFTs.

Radiusphere “Founders Club” NFTs have a number of unique properties. Some of the distinctions from the “Fine Art” collection are found below:

  1. Fine Art NFTs can only be purchased NEW from me via OpenSea.io/Radiupshere
  2. Radiusphere Fine Art NFTs are, as their name implies—highly collectible pieces of Non Representational Fine Art.
  3. Founders Club NFTs can NOT be purchased NEW. The primary way to procure one of the 109 Radiusphere “Founders Club” NFTs is to WIN one via our Free NFT Giveaway Contests, and by participating in other Radiusphere NFT Community Growth strategies.
  4. Founders Club NFTs will be also be minted via OpenSea—but at OpenSea.io/RadiusphereNFT. (this ensures distinctiveness in form and function for both “Founders Club” and “Fine Art” tokens)

How to Participate in the Radiusphere Founders Club Free NFT Giveaway

Radiusphere “Founders Club” Free NFT Giveaway No. 1
✅ 1) Follow Radiusphere on instagram + Like a post + Tag a friend(s)
✅ 2) Follow Radiusphere on Twitter
✅ 3) Join our Discord server
✅ 4) Subscribe to Radiusphere on Youtube
➡️ Earn 10 Bonus Entries for each NFT Community site you share Radiusphere with (verify with screen-shot)
➡️ Earn 1 Bonus Entries for each friend you invite to Discord Server
⚠️⚠️ READ the Radiusphere “Founders Club” Free NFT Giveaway OFFICIAL RULES ⚠️⚠️
This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram, Facebook (Meta), Discord, YouTube, Google (Alphabet) or Twitter.

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We all win when the world becomes a more beautiful place,


PS. More details will follow as we move closer to launching the “Founders Club” NFTs via our Free NFT Giveaway. Subscribing to out Free NFT Giveaway email list is the best we to receive real-time updates.

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

Radiusphere Fine Art NFT | 001/109

Opensea NFT New Fine Art Marketplace