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Radiusphere NFT Memo 003/109: NFT Pricing

NFT Pricing:

The market will set the NFT pricing of #Radiusphere001 (via auction). From that day forward, exactly 24 hours after the previous sale, the subsequent numbered #RadiusphereNFT will be released for sale via a “first-come-first-serve” style sales transaction.

NFT Sales Formalities for Prospective Radiusphere NFT Collectors:

  • The price will always increase with each subsequent sale.
  • There will never be a discount, price reduction or any other form of price manipulation that diminishes the value of the current, previous, or future offering(s).


P.S. These transaction protocols only apply to RadiusphereNFTs which are sold within the original offering. As the creator of Radiusphere—I have no control over the resale market.

P.P.S. None of these protocols apply to the sale of #Radiusphere109.

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

RadiusphereNFT 001/109

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