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Radiusphere NFT Memo 007/109: A Liberation Experiment

Radiusphere is a liberation experiment.

Radiusphere is untethered creativity—free from inhibition, free from fear, free from judgment, free from financial constraint, free from the vanity of popular opinion.

Radiusphere is governed by the belief that art, meaning, creativity and design can be pursued as the highest rewards—in-and-of-themselves.

Radiusphere is born out of constraint—self imposed, beautiful, intentional and elegant guiding protocols that facilitate creative outcomes.

Radiusphere is scarcity. With only 109 Radiusphere NFTs, the limited size and scope of this NFT artwork collection, manufactures intrinsic value and, conceivably, fierce eternal demand.

Radiusphere is anonymity—intentionally faceless—intentionally race-less—intentionally genderless…

Radiusphere NFTs lean not on celebrity, pedigree, nepotism, crony connection or sanctimonious entitlement. This NFT collection, known as Radiusphere (#001 to #109) stands, complete, bold, proud—in its own glory—intrinsically and autonomously, elegant.

Radiusphere is aspirational—while nothing is certain, nor guaranteed, it is my hope that those who secure one of these coveted works of digital art are richly rewarded for their foresight, courage and belief.

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

Fine Art NFTs and Crypto Art by Radiusphere NFT art Creator

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

RadiusphereNFT 001/109

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