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Radiusphere NFT Memo 019/109: What would you do?

What would you do today if you woke up and you were everything that you’d dreamt you could be?

What would you do if you woke up and the person inside of you was the force who magically, naturally, effortlessly, brought every single one of your dreams to life?

You—at your very best—in every way.

What would you do?

What is the very next action you would take?

Where would you go?

To whom would you speak?

What would you say, when the words dripped from your lips?

Close your eyes.


Breathe-in these questions—more importantly, let your imagination—your creation—of that person hold your heart.

How different would the clouds look? How differently would your coffee taste? How different would you stand—tall, sure, resolute.

Everything would feel different—everything would be different. 

Tap into that source

Get up.

Spend the rest of your day being that, living that, breathing that, choosing that…

Let the words that flow from your mouth be the words of the person that you woke up to.

Let the thoughts flowing from your mind be the thoughts of the person you woke up to. 

Choose, right now—in this moment—in as much as it is up to you (which is complete—your last freedom is your choice)…  

Choose to be that person—to think those thoughts, choose to smile with a smile of the person that woke up to having every single one of their dreams, ambitions and desires already realized.

Born from infinite resourcefulness

Radiusphere is not from me.
Radiusphere is me.

Radiusphere the rare, the expansive, the digital, the fine-art—Radiusphere NFTs are the abstract manifestations of all that originates from untethered creativity erupting within me.

Radiusphere is not from me. 
Radiusphere is me—the natural extension of limitless possibility.

You must be

You must create from this place. 

You must act from this place.

You must invest, and learn, and grow and seek and build and motivate—from this place.

Everything “is” already

This is why I can speak with future knowledge.

You too can be—untethered. Every action you take can be—this for you too. 

You must however, create, dream, build and act from perfect resourcefulness. This state is yours, for the taking, should you choose it. 

Choose it.

~Radiusphere NFT Artist

PS. We are 91 days away from the official listing of Radiusphere #001 for auction. These days will go past in a blink. Please consider sharing this project with others. As will be proven, over time, the words I’ve crafted throughout this journey will become as significant as the 109 unique pieces of Digital Fine Art I’m offering to the world.

PPS. Thank you.

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

Radiusphere NFT | 001/109

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