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Sometimes we get derailed

Life: the human manufactured paradox

It’s true for me, as much as it is for you. We, in imperfect action, weave our way through the maze of human-created obstacles known as life. And, in transit, we realize both wild victory and crushing defeat. One moment we soar with the Angels—in joy and learning—growth and personal triumph. The next, we derail ourselves, sometimes dramatically, tripped up by inadequacy, by lack of belief, by fear—ultimately, by our own real and, at times, paralyzing mental-frailty.

It is your fault—and mine too

It is by choice that we allow setback to happen—always by choice. Before you, in defensive self-preservation, push back against my admonition, let me say—your missteps, and mine, are not necessarily born from negligence. But they are, invariably of our own doing. Complete personal responsibility for triumph and defeat via our action, or lack-there-of, is the only true path to freedom.

My confession

I set out to craft 109 Radiusphere Fine Art Countdown Memoranda. My intention was to create one post for each of the 109 days leading up to the launch of Radiusphere Fine Art NFT number 001 on June 3rd, 2022 via OpenSeaNFT auction. For the first 30 or 40 days, I succeeded in my mission to passionately and consistently highlight the creative origins of this project—the driving forces persuading me to create.

However, as we’ve moved closer to the launch date, the amount of digital collateral I’ve chosen to create as a means of promoting Radiusphere to the world as increased significantly.

The Reminder

I share this with you as a reminder to you—but more importantly (no offense) as a reminder to myself. I must resist, with everything inside, the temptation towards victimization—you must too.

Creativity, vision, design, emotional-mastery—all of these are rooted in personal power. The surest way to diminish our power is to choose the role of victim—this choice is the most powerful and elegantly destructive form of all Kryptonite. It sucks vitality from our soul and leaves us attempting creative pursuit with none of the magic that makes miracles.

So, in imperfection, I will continue—knowing well how great it feels to soar, and believing that I’m never disqualified from heavenly escapades—neither are you.

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

PS., As of today we are 45 days from the release of Radiusphere Fine Art NFT number 001. To those of you who’ve supported this journey—thank you, sincerely. Thank you for sharing this project with others.

PPS., This is only the beginning. Always, pay close attention…

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

RadiusphereNFT 001/109

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