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Radiusphere Crypto Art NFT MEMO 056/109: Missing Out

The meaninglessness of time

I’ve not mentioned dates, nor time, much, other than to point everything towards Friday June 3rd, 2022 at 21:09 (GMT) when Radiusphere Fine Art NFT number 001 is released to the world.

Savvy Radiusphere NFT loyalists might look back towards my early countdown memoranda and recall when I mentioned Russia invading Ukraine, or other identifiable historical events as they unfolded. But, for the most part, my admonitions have not included dates.


As I write this it is Sunday, April 10th, 2022.

I highlight this date as a waypoint. It brings context to everything. As it stands I have 17 followers on Instagram, one follower on YouTube and four followers on Twitter.

By the worlds standards my audience is abysmal. And, also by the worlds standards, my influence is next to nothing.

And yet I smile—I know what is to come.

Quiet desperation

You too, might find yourself in a similar situation. Except, you are not smiling. You yearn for influence, you might even, in quiet desperation, bend your mission towards gaining “traction”—squelching your creative impulse in hopes of mass-market acceptance. In doing so, you amend your mission to manipulate the levers of success—or at least what the world tells you are the levers of success.

Lack begets lack

As long as your future is built on a foundation of lack, lack is all you will ever know…

Your scarcity, your empty yearning, can only stem from one thing—you simply do not see what will be. And, in your blinded state, you’re lulled to sleep at night in disbelief. You wake to doubt, which quickly grows to fear. Once fear takes hold… Well, you know, because this is where you live—complacency, mediocrity, inaction, victimhood. Fear manifests itself in all these and robs you from all that you are, and, robs the world of your brilliance.

Vision for what must be is the only remedy

If you do not see, you will not believe. And if you do not believe, you will not feel—nor will you act in harmony with your brilliance. You will wake each day with the paralyzing feeling that it is you who are missing out on what everyone else has to offer—the “likes” and followers—the subscribers and sales—the accolades and promotion.

True and lasting liberation

I wake and see.

I know that it is not me who is missing out on followers, “likes”, subscribers, nor their accompanied sales. It is them… Those followers are missing out on me—on Radiusphere, on astronomical latent potential, on world-changing possibilities.

This is not semantics—this is belief.

This is knowing your purpose—believing in your mission.

This is seeing where everything comes from and seeing where everything is going. This is me, in infinite creativity, pointing everyone towards beautiful horizons.

This is you too, doing the same.

Reframe everything

Today when you look at your followers, however many have lent their support to your creation—don’t wallow. Stand tall knowing, seeing, believing, feeling and acting. Millions, if not billions are missing out on you, and me—not the other way around.

Yes, I do see the future playing out in my mind

Not long from now—the world will look back on this post with amazement. Some will call it prophetic. I won’t. I will simply refer to it as unwavering, unrelenting, unshakable—as, belief. 

I see what will be.

I act with conviction to bring into reality what once only lived in my mind. This is creation at play. This is why I am here, and, you as well.

Act in harmony with your brilliance

Next time you fear or doubt, take a stand. Reframe what is true. You are not missing out on them—they are missing out on you.

What a different path each stroke of the brush would take, or what different authority each word that dripped from your mouth would have, if you knew this to be true, as I do.

Become this human—and never stop becoming more.

With love and admiration,

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

PS., Radiusphere is so much bigger than art. What is coming is liberation. And, what is coming, will change everything…

PPS., Always. Pay close attention…

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

RadiusphereNFT 001/109

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