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Massive Bold Action: Radiusphere Crypto Art NFT MEMO 059/109

Massive Bold Action — the Radiusphere MBA

Schools in session, and we’re walking headlong back into hallowed halls. Those sacred spaces in our mind where our unconscious behavioral operating system lives and functions. Do you see it—the chamber? There, in the very fabric of who you are lies the vault of causality—the source of results past, present and future—everything you have, everything you are, and, should you stay on the present course, everything you’ll ever become.


Nothing changes if you do not feel the need for change. So, if you look back, and if you look at today, thinking, “everything that was, and is, is exactly how it should be”. Than you, my friend, are… Well, you are where you are, for however long you will be.

However, if in retrospect, while focussing your awareness on the totality of your fruitfulness, or lack of fruitfulness, you begin to see where things should be better—than you are even more blessed. Exceedingly blessed because you have taken the first step towards becoming who you are meant to be.


In that space, the place where you’ve begun to feel that there must be so much more—and that the more you desire, could be yours for the taking. You must, stop and see it. Create pictures of your future that blind you with their brilliance. Feel the warm glow of their promise and allow the joy they radiate to move you towards… Towards what, “you ask”?

Action: Continuous, massive and bold—action

All of this is accelerated when you choose to take Massive Bold Action—the Radiusphere MBA. When you breathe life into your dreams by not only seeing and feeling them, but harnessing their infinite power to propel you towards the boldest of resourceful activity.

This is when you rewrite the future.

This is when you become who you are to become.

This is pure magic.

Act. Learn. Repeat.

There is no perfect action. Only learning, amending and re-acting with massive boldness in a continuous and virtuous loop of progressing.

So, what do you see when you look deep into your vault of causality?

This is not a rhetorical question…

With love and admiration,

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

PS., Radiusphere is built on the antithetical belief that the more you reject every attempt to satisfy the expectation of others, the more RADIANT your creativity becomes. This liberation experiment sets out to prove that it is, indeed, possible—Yes! It is possible to strip away every self imposed limitation—every conscious and unconscious encumbrance.

PPS., It is possible to soar with the angels.


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