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What is NFT art?

Is it possible to create NFT art without first creating, Art? It does beg the question… What is NFT Art? One could, easily enough, create a NFT, but are they—in harnessing immutability—creating Art?


Those beautifully granular nuances where meaning of unfathomable importance is unlocked. And yes, there is a distinction between the creation of a NFT and the creation of art.

Although, it might not be what you think…

So, again I ask, what is NFT Art?


Art is not perception.

Art is not social validation, professional acclaim or economic utility.

Art is not taste or trend. 

Art creation begins, simply—with intention.

When you set out to harness Non Fungible Token technology—was there intention to, synchronously, create art?

What were your intentions?

This simple question gives a glimpse into causality.

When the universe co-opts your unintentional creation as art

Occasionally, one creates with zero intention of producing art. And yet, the marketplace, and the enigma of incentives which drive it, commandeers your efforts and transmutes them into something globally esteemed as art.

How fascinating it is when forces outside of ones control break all the rules.

And thus the dance continues—for those making art, for those exploiting the NFT craze, for those desperately trying to make sense of it all, and, for those feverishly attempting to manipulate space and time to marry both Art creation and the infinite possibility of Non Fungible Tokens.

What a beautifully “cryptic” time we live in,


PS. My quite literal answer to the question, “what is NFT Art”, will be “experienced” on Friday, June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 (GMT) when Radiusphere #001 will be listed for 24 hours via OpenSea NFT Art auction.

PPS. Pay close attention, although some of you will not.

Those who do you will find details scattered through out these messages that will help you increase you chance of ownership.

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