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Radiusphere NFT Memo 38/109: At Peace

“I’m at peace with myself, thus I am at peace with all things…”


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I’ve created 109 Radiusphere “Founders Club” NFTs.

These Free NFTs are tokens born from my quest to breathe life into the collection of Fine Art NFTs. 

Radiusphere “Founders Club” NFTs have a number of unique properties. 

Some of the distinctions from the “Fine Art” collection are found below:

1. Fine Art NFTs can only be purchased NEW from me via OpenSea.io/Radiupshere 
2. Radiusphere Fine Art NFTs are, as their name implies—highly collectible pieces of Non Representational Fine Art.
3. Founders Club NFTs can NOT be purchased NEW. The primary way to procure one of the 109 Radiusphere “Founders Club” NFTs is to WIN one via our Free NFT Giveaway Contests, and by participating in other Radiusphere NFT Community Growth strategies.
4. Founders Club NFTs will be also be minted via OpenSea—but at OpenSea.io/RadiusphereNFT. (this ensures distinctiveness in form and function for both “Founders Club” and “Fine Art” tokens) 

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Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

Radiusphere Fine Art NFT | 001/109

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