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Radiusphere NFT Memo 040/109: The Infinite Implications of Micro Decisions

Infinite Implications

Every moment of every day we are presented with thousands, if not, millions of choices.

Each micro decision has infinite implications on our reality. 

Each choice a gate way to possibility.

And yet, so often, the conflict in the moment results in decisions that take us away from—rather than towards—what we truly want.

This happens for me.

This happens for you.

These moments add up—and before we know it, we are quite far away from where we dreamed we would be.

It is not bad-luck

Do not blame on bad-luck, what is completely within your own power to do.

This is not a pre-destined outcome.

It is not bad-luck—the sum total of all that you are.

This is choice

What if, rather than, limiting our progress with the tragedy of disadvantageous decision making we, instead, redeemed these collections of decisions—these choice each presents.

What if we stopped and considered all each possibility, what if somehow at the crossroads of decision we could effortlessly choose the most prosperous path forward.

Not once.

Not twice.

Not hundreds of times—but thousands, upon thousands, of times multiplied by hours, upon hours—multiplies by days, upon months, upon years—upon a lifetime.

The compounding affect of tapping in to millions of positive outcomes layered on top of each other would change everything that we know.

Everything that we are.

Everything that we do.

Everything that we create.


This is possible—it is possible to move from tragedy of abdicated “will” to triumph of leveraged infiniteness.

This move is found in the minutia of the micro decisions we make every single second.

Choose your micro decisions wisely,


PS. 70 days…