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Radiusphere NFT Memo 027/109: Opensea NFTs Marketplace

The only thing that pulls you through is your vision for what could be

This is true for me. 

This is true for you. 

We are nothing without vision. 

As it is said in ancient wisdom literature:

“Where there is no vision, the people perish”

Close your eyes. See what should be. Breathe deep the wonders of imagination. Feel the warmth of the future calling you to better horizons. Taste the possibility that is in you—that is you. Step into that future by taking action today to create it.

Believe boldly in the possibility of it all. 

A great human example of this was the transformative brilliance displayed in the fruit of Albert Einstein’s labors. 

He pointed us to truth, reminding humanity that, “imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions”

While Dr. Einstein had a great many gifts reserved for his unique genius, imagination, vision, belief—seeing the wonders and possibility of it all—these gifts were not his alone.

These are yours too. They are ours too.

Imagination, vision, belief—the "seeing wonders and possibility of it all", we activate these when we hear the truth and act on it.

So, I implore you. Allow yourself the euphoric bliss of creating the future—first in the vastness and infinite complexity of your mind’s eye. 

Do not stop there, however. 

Feel deeply the joy and beauty of your creative-self bursting forth.

This is the truest you.

Be overwhelmed.

Give yourself to the paralyzing splendor of infinite potentiality.

The vision is conduit to emotion. 

The emotion is conduit to action. 

The action is catalyst for change.

Change in action modifies the fabric of your present condition and ushers in your future reality.

If done with constancy—with intention and purpose—the limited become limitless, the hapless find hope, the broken are restored.

This is the path forward.

The Opensea NFTs Marketplace is our launchpad.

Each of the 109 non fungible tokens is a vision for what will be. This technology—the uniqueness of this moment—all of it—it is true wonderment

And it is this wonderment that presents opportunities unfathomable to the masses. They simply cannot see it. And thusly, regrettably, tragically—they will miss it. The majority will remain, in their zombie-like state of automatic, mindless, hypnotic inaction. 

You however, You!

You’ve broken free. 

You’ve seen glimpses of what will be.

You’ve positioned yourself to take full advantage of this exceedingly rare moment unfolding in the very fabric of space and time.

On Friday June 3rd, 2022 at 21:09 (GMT) I will release Radiusphere NFT 001/109 via Opensea NFT auction. Each day, leading up to the openseanft release, I am sharing my thoughts with the world. 

Creating NFT art is of paramount importance and will lead to additional transformations.

However, crafting these words that will be read by generations is of equal, if not, greater importance. 

When I create new fine art non fungible tokens known as Radiusphere, at most, a mere 109 humans will possess one at any given time. 

When I craft words that are eternal, mere billions of humans have access to the power to realize new worlds.

This project is of great significance and your support is highly valued by me and by numerous others.

Thank you, sincerely,


PS. We are 83 days away from the official listing of Radiusphere non fungible token #001 for auction on the Opensea NFTs Marketplace. Please consider sharing this project with others. As will be proven, over time, the words I’ve crafted throughout this journey will become as significant as the 109 unique pieces of Digital Fine Art I’m offering to the world.

PPS. Always, pay close attention

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

Radiusphere NFT | 001/109

Opensea NFT New Fine Art Marketplace