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Radiusphere NFT Memo 023/109: When the world breaks

What do you choose? 


When efforts feel in vain?

When powers outside your control are catastrophically powerful?

What do you choose when?


When you’ve so much to say, yet few turn their ear to your message?

When you’re drowning in vision for what should be, yet feel so ill-equipped to bring vision to reality.

What do you choose when?

When you’ve lost your way?


When you feel the walls pressing in, choose.

Choose when you feel powerless

Manufacture power by recognizing the intrinsic power of choice.

Exercise authority over yourself by controlling the only thing you have control over—you, your mind, your heart, your hopes, your emotions…

For it is in the “choosing” that we are defined—it is in the choosing where our true influence is on full display. 

So, what will you choose?  

As for me, I will create. 

I am infinite.

As for me, I will create more—again, and again, and again… 

I am infinite.

I will push.

I will step.

I will build.

I will close my eyes and feel the warmth and soothing assurance of belief overwhelm me—drowning out every fear.

I will connect with all that is and all that will ever be.

I will pursue this vision with every fiber of my being—most especially when “being” feels risky—when creating feels exposed—when the world turns in, in self-preservation—I will turn out and graciously and cheerfully, give everything I am.

I will promote what is, what should be—beauty, symmetry, elegance, simplicity, intention, breathing, joy

You must too—more in these days, more now than ever.  

Radiusphere is a liberation experiment.

Radiusphere exists to inspire all to create beauty and minimize suffering. Some see those pursuits as mutually exclusive.

They are not.

To create beauty is to minimize suffering. Any attempt to reduce pain of the downtrodden and afflicted, without creating beauty is offering a life-sentenced inmate a cure for cancer. The body might heal, but the soul remains shackled. 

So it is when we give life to others without showing them how to live.  Radiusphere is not merely artistic expression. It is not beauty for beauty’s sake.

It is more.

It is purpose. 

It is intention.

It is wisdom.

Radiusphere is an admonition—pointing us to a better way—a higher plane of existence—one where creativity is the currency we use in exchange for abundant living.

Soon enough, you will see—first hand the fruits of my labor. And when you do, be sure to position yourself in a way so as to best take advantage of this moment. The 109 NFTs in the Radiusphere Fine Art collection are unlike anything that has ever been—rare is a weak and entirely insufficient description for Radiusphere

Soon enough,


PS. Choose power right now.

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

RadiusphereNFT 001/109

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