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Radiusphere NFT Memo 021/109: Who is it that you truly are?

Who are you anyway?

Not who you want to be. 

Not who you fear you are. 

Not who you wish you were not.

Who are you?

The you, who is most truly—wholly you—in the most perfect moment you can imagine.

That is who you are. Already. 

Cling euphorically to your picture of that human—allow yourself to know them in all their emotionally paralyzing detail. 

You are unrealized—yet realized. 

You are. 

You are closer than you know. In fact, the distance between you and your other you is illusory.

You are them and they are you—concurrently. 

With what tools does that human create?  With what eloquence does that human speak—of their worth—of the worth of their creation?

With what fortitude does that human act?

The human you are is certain. 

The human you are is resolute.

The human you are, knows.

The human you are walks upright, not in arrogance, but with an impenetrability—as if all the powers in the universe could not deter you from your purpose. Nor do words from another have power to move you from your infinite trajectory.

Each scarcity manufactured obstacle is impotent against the resourcefulness of the human you are—now.

From this place Radiusphere was born. Each of the 109 NFTs in this Fine Digital Art Collection was created with intention from complete surrender to unlimited possibilities.

In fact. 

The words you are reading originate from that same place—the videos you’ve seen and the tweets you’ve read. Each letter is, every sentence is, unshackled from fear—unfettered by the small minds of critics

I know, because I’ve seen.

I believe, because I am.

I create, because it is predestined. 

All of this is true for me. And, yes, one-thousand times, yes! It is true for you.

Those of you who choose to partner with me through purchasing Radiusphere NFTs, as well as those of you who read these words and immediately close your eyes——rather—open them, maybe for the first time. 

Whomever you are, wherever you find yourself. These infinite possibilities are yours—they are mine too. 

Close your eyes.




Bring forth.


PS. Pay close attention…

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

Radiusphere NFT | 001/109

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