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Radiusphere NFT Memo 020/109: What if a NFT does not sell immediately?

Accounting for delayed (original release) NFT Art sales

This is an unlikely scenario . But let’s have some fun… 

In the, purely hypothetical, situation where one of the 109 Radiusphere NFTs is listed for sale (after the predetermined price increase) and remains “unsold” for a period of time, it simply remains—potentially in perpetuity.

If you recall in Radiusphere NFT Countdown Memorandum 003/109: NFT Pricing:

“There will never be a discount, price reduction or any other form of price manipulation that diminishes the value of the current, previous, or future offering(s).“

This transparent price integrity is codified into the fabric of the Radiusphere Fine Art NFT offering.

Of course, I have no control over secondary markets. It is reasonable to assume that increased demand in secondary markets could lead to pricing growth. Thus, secondary market pricing and the original offering price would be disparate. This could, in turn, apply significant pressure to new Radiusphere Fine Art NFT releases.

It may behoove prospective Radiusphere purchasers to act promptly when the next piece in the NFT series is released. 

Or you can wait and see what happens…

The choice is yours—it is always, completely, yours (caveat emptor—free will is a harsh mistress).

Happy collecting,


Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

Radiusphere NFT | 001/109

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