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Radiusphere NFT Memo 017/109: You are Here to Usher in Unfathomable Realities

You are here to usher in unfathomable realities

Believe in the process—especially when you cannot see the steps.

Believe in the possibility—especially when possibility feels unattainable.

Believe in the value you create—especially when value creation is incongruent with what you’ve known.

You are Magical—now

You must know now, what seems impossible to know now. 

You must feel now, what seems impossible to feel now.

You must create this knowing—this feeling—this seeing, in order to bring the future into being.

If you knew now, that when you create, humanity would champion your success—how differently would you create? 

Create this way, now.

If you knew now, that when you speak, the world would turn its ear to you—how differently would you speak?

Speak this way, now.

Certainty, for what will be, is the missing link

Not more effort. 

Not better marketing. 

Not a more strategic sales strategy. 

Belief, coupled with purposeful action, rooted firmly—impenetrably—in the “knowing”.

“Oh, the mountains you could move, if only you believed in the majesty of who you are.”

Radiusphere NFT Artist
Radiusphere NFTs, even prior to launch, are radiating with latent economic value. They stand immutable in nature, prepossessing in beauty, limited in number and inimitable in creative expression.

Whatever the market price established, with the sale of Radiusphere NFT #001, it will be minuscule compared to the intrinsic potential that each of the 109 Radiusphere Fine Art Tokens in this collection possess.

I know, because it is.

I believe, because I’ve seen a glimpse of what will be. 

I act, because I am the only human, living or dead, that can breathe life into these—it is my oeuvre.

What is yours?


Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

Radiusphere NFT | 001/109

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