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Radiusphere NFT Memo 013/109: Galactic weed-out Machine

The Universe is a Galactic weed-out Machine

Nothing is new. 

Platforms change. Underlying technologies change. In the grand scheme though, nothing changes. 

Artists, musicians, actors, creators, entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes—we are mere commodities. It is this same commoditization of the human soul, and its life depleting destructive power that drove van Gogh to madness.

It is driving you, and me, mad too. This is fact.

The universe is a global weed-out machine. With each step our resolve is tested. This applies to art creation as equally as it applies to entrepreneurship.

Every morning of every day, the universe asks the same question.

Will you continue?

Will you create?

Will you, in blind faith, trust the process?

Will you ADHERE?

Will you pursue your potential?

Will you, BECOME?

The universe seems indiscriminate in this way. 

Yes, there are outliers—those who seem to wield King Midas’ touch. And yes, there are those who appear to serendipitously stumble their way into astronomical success. 

I am confident, however, that if we dare take a deeper look—if we objectively pull back the curtain, more often than not, the same universal principles are at play. What we perceive as luck is not luck at all, but rather veiled action, choice and determinism.

Social media and popular culture promote the narrative that our race is against each other—that triumph is achieved through zero-sum rivalry.

It is not. 

Our sole competition is with ourselves. 

Will we wake up, when the world is crumbling? 

Will we move forward, when every inch of our soul wants to numb ourselves to the failure we feel?

You are not alone in these paralyzing emotions. 

The most elite people I know bear the same burdens.

The choice, however, is always the same.

What. Will. You. Do?

What will you do to believe? What will you do to overcome? What will you do to move forward? What will you do to manufacture faith in your vision for a beautiful future? What will you do to choose to create it.

Choose now.

Turn off your phone and create. 

Shut down your computer and breathe. 

86 the news and dream. 

Look up to the heavens with gratitude for the very heart beating in your chest—performing effortless, unconscious miracle after miracle after miracle. 

This—all of it, is a gift. Yes—the struggle is a gift. The doubt is a gift. The molding and prodding and breaking and refining—all of these are mercies of immeasurable worth. For they hold the keys. They are the only true magic we will ever know. 

Embrace them. Empower them. Allow them to grow us, into the humans we were predestined to become.


Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

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