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Radiusphere NFT Memo 33/109: NFT Crypto Art the Marriage of Cryptocurrency and Art

NFT Crypto Art

NFT Crypto Art and Marriage.

Some believe in them and some do not.

Cryptocurrency Art and Marriage. 

To some, both are life-giving. To others, each is full of deep regret and disillusionment. 

NFT Crypto Art and Marriage.

For few, both are keys to wealth and prosperity—joy and happiness. For others, they are a path to pain and regret.

Could it be then that both are a metaphor for life?

NFT Crypto Art, the Marriage of Cryptocurrency and Art

Isn’t it interesting that both marriage and cryptocurrency art investing could have such vastly different outcomes for humans.

What is the constant in that equation?

Yes, we humans are the constant. Our shortcomings are the constant. Our unrealized potential is the constant. Our unaddressed brokenness is the constant.

Success is what you become, not the path you take

Much, if not all, depends on us.

It depends on who we are when we chose to engage with these opportunities (Romance, Career,  Education, NFT Crypto Art investing). For in marriage, as with in NFT crypto art collecting, the choice is always ours.

Will we become, who we must become, in order to skillfully navigate the challenges that lie ahead?

Will we grow, or remain stagnant in our complacency and mediocrity?

Radiusphere NFT Crypto Art 

From day one, my mission with these countdown memoranda, as well as the forthcoming Radiusphere NFT crypto Art release, has been to encourage us all to become—to grow, intentionally, into the highest versions of ourselves.

This “becoming” requires choice. This process is specific and contingent upon our willingness to explore possibilities most have never imagined.

Constantly moving towards the highest potential inside of us is the only way to replicate success.

On Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT the world will get its first glimpse of Radiusphere Crypto Art NFT, #001.

The sale of Radiusphere Fine Art NFT #001 will trigger the listing of #002, precisely 24 hours from the close of the OpenSea NFT art auction.  This sales cadence will continue, in 24 hour cycles, until the sale of Radiusphere #108.

The details for the sale of the final Radiusphere non fungible token art (Radiusphere NFT #109), will be released once the transaction for #108 is complete.

Pay close attention,


PS. As a friendly reminder, I’ve recently launched the Radiusphere Fine Art Discord Server which, with your help, will become the best non representational art Discord nfts group on the Discord platform

I invite you to join this curated collection of enthusiastic collectors, dreamers, builders, creators, investors, and innovators. 

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

Radiusphere NFT Crypto Art | 001/109

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