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Radiusphere NFT Memo 036/109: Triggers of Triumph

Triggers, triggers, triggers everywhere…

Triggers from negativity, fear, doubt—triggers from war, news, corporate media, from trolls…

Triggers from haters, posers, sell-outs—everywhere we look, so much of it is negativity…

The world is a big, enormous, cosmic trigger

Isn’t it wonderful?

Why can’t we be triggered by beauty?

Why can’t we be triggered by creativity and industriousness and invention and vision?

Why can’t we be triggered by skill and craftsmanship and artistry?

Why can’t we transform triggers from negative—to positive?

Why can’t we reclaim them as life-giving—rather than life-sucking?


Why can’t we transmute them into their seed of equivalent benefit as, Napoleon Hill once, so brilliantly asserted?

Pain is everywhere—constantly pulling us toward dark, horrible places of thought and mind and soul and hurt.

Choose Triggers of Triumph

Choose the exact opposite. And, make it true with all power and intention.

Choose, rather, to be triggered by all that is good—choose to be triggered by all that is true. 

We can, if we so choose, be triggered by all that is hope and beauty and love and joy and fruit and life.


PS. Yesterday I mentioned the creation of the Radiusphere “Founders Club” Free NFT Giveaway. Check out that post, if you haven’t already.

PPS. Choose your triggers wisely, or they will carry you towards the abyss.

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

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