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Creating NFT Art: Fine Art Creators make Non Fungible Tokens

Creating NFT Art

Yes, fine art creators should be creating NFT art — we should be leading the effort to make non fungible tokens and NFTs. This technology is ripe with promise and unlimited potential for artists, if we choose to embrace it—rather than resist it.

Objections to NFTs

Energy and efficiency advancements in blockchain technology, as a whole, are necessary for longevity and mass-adoption. Assuming that this is solved—which is not a stretch—consider Moore’s Law, graphene batteries, Wave energy, etc… I am confident in humanity’s ingenuity and the aligned economic and environmental incentives driving true clean-energy creation, implementation, adoption and sustenance.

Time will tell.

If the environmental impact concerns were moot, what other grounds would there be to resist creating NFT Art?

Ignorance—but why?

Not knowing how to make non fungible tokens, or for that matter, what NFTs are in the first place is valid. This is easily overcome with knowledge and choice.

In fact, if you’ve stumbled your way to my site with limited understanding of the technology and are asking yourself exploratory questions like: What does NFT stand for, or what is NFT art? I encourage you to dive into my previous post: Radiusphere NFT Memo 028/109: Non Fungible Token Fundamentals. There you will get a cursory overview of the technology which will serve as a launchpad pulling you towards the immense possibility of it all…

Innovate or Die—Creating Analog Art

Deprecation comes to those who will not see.

Kodak, once one of the worlds largest and most profitable companies, refused to innovate before it was too late. The list is long for others who followed suit—Blockbuster, MySpace, Borders Books, BlackBerry, Kmart…  Each of the aforementioned behemoths was at the top of the food chain, until… Well, until they were not. Case study upon case study points to the myriad of errors in judgment which led to their downfall. Most insights can be summed up with a few key words.

Hubris—they thought they had the corner on knowledge.

Superiority—they thought the value they created was sufficient. It was not. They believed they owned their customers loyalty. They did not.

Tunnel Vision—they simply could not see the enormity of the opportunity that they were in a perfect position to capitalize upon. 

Fine Art Creators are much like the organizations I outlined previously. With hubris we assume that the force of our creativity and genius acts as an invisibility cloak—shielding us from the possibility of inconsequence and absolves us from responsibility to innovate. This is exasperated by our egos which, in superiority–or insecurity, you choose—guide us with surety, often, towards extinction. 

What is stopping you from Creating NFT Art?

For fine art creators that choose to begin creating NFT Art, there is only up-side. Not only have you positioned yourself and your brand to benefit from global innovation, you’ve also added transferable skills to your already impressive list of accomplishments.

Constraint Demands Growth

If those were not enough, these last two reasons to make non fungible tokens will hopefully pique your curiosity.

Reignite Your Passion

This is an entirely new Medium. Harken back to the moment you first believed in the possibility of your creative expression. It was explosive. It was new. It was raw. This, the creating of NFT Art is the same. You can reignite your passion for your craft through the constraint of this new platform–which demands you grow–which, along with creating beauty and minimizing suffering, is my highest aim.

Exposure to Contagious Loyalist by Creating NFT Art

While a great discussion could be had about ones responsibility to create, even when our creativity receives no noticeable appreciation from the marketplace, how much better is it when our efforts are received, revered and rewarded? It is wonderful.

Creating NFT Art opens your brilliance up to a whole new world of collectors. And yes, at times the speculative nature of their motives can be at odds with our need to create, but, if we’re honest, this happens in the galleries of main street and in the halls of auction houses around the world too.

The Paradox of it All

Therein lies the paradoxical tension of creation. For so many, we are at the whims of trend and critic and price and societal palatability. This is our lot-in-life—it is our dance—with the devil.

For me, this is a dance I fervently look forward to.

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

PS. No matter who you are, what you create or what your level of understanding is—if you choose, if you learn, if you grow—this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is yours for the taking.

PPS. Always, pay close attention

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

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