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Radiusphere NFT Memo 008/109: Why?

Why Radiusphere?

Humanity is closest to infinity when it creates beauty—from nothing.

Few, however, actually create.

Paralyzed by unconscious limitation, most attempt the infinite while simultaneously encumbering themselves with fear, doubt, insecurity, pressure—to please, to survive financially, to be “marketable”, to be accepted, to be wanted, to be “cool”, to be valued, to be counted, “worthy”.

Radiusphere is built on the antithetical belief that the more you reject every attempt to satisfy the expectations of others, the more RADIANT your creativity becomes.

This liberation experiment sets out to prove that it is, indeed, possible—it is possible to strip away every self imposed limitation—every conscious and unconscious encumbrance.

It is possible to soar with the angels.

When this works (and, yes, it has already “worked”), the catastrophic success of RadiusphereNFT will mobilize an army of NFT creators, dreamers and designers—Radiusphere will become their anthem—the proof they’ve desperately searched for, the roadmap to freedom, the conduit to limitless co-creation. 

The liberation is already complete—the only question is…

Will you spectate, or participate, in this future-altering NFT triumph?

~Radiusphere, Fine Art NFT Creator

Fine Art NFTs and Crypto Art by Radiusphere NFT art Creator

Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 21:09 GMT

RadiusphereNFT 001/109

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